Valverde wants to keep his squad focused on football

Recently, Spain has politically undergone a string of changes and events that affect the entire nation as a whole and this also includes the football national side of the country as well, but ciach Valverde is hoping he can get his players to concentrate on their football, ather than the political turmoil taking place in Catalonia.

For the past few weeks, there has been a division and a number of things being done involving Catalonia wanting to establish an independent republic. With referenduums, political leades fleeing the country, and mass protests, it’s no wonder people don’t seem to be as switched on to the football as they would be normally! The crisis also potentially affects the Spanish national side – if Catalonia’s ultimate goal of being independent from Spain is achieved then this would rule out a number of players from playing for the Rioja, as well as the likes of Barcelona and Espanyol, who ae both based in Catalonia, and might find their space in the Primera Liga brought into question.

Barcelona’s Ernesto Valverde has recently voiced his thoughts concerning the current situation of Spain and how it could harm or improve his own team, the 53 year old Spanish tactician replied by saying: “I can’t deny that I am following the situation like everyone else and that I have a personal opinion, but I would rather focus on sporting issues”

“What I say doesn’t mean anything. There are so many changes at the moment in the current political climate that I don’t know how it will end; it can change every half an hour. Today’s a day with so many things happening and changing. In my case, right now I am the coach of FC Barcelona and my job is to make sure the team to win and I am sure the politicians are trying to do the best job they can, too.”

Ernesto Valverde does not want his players or himself to get distracted by outside elements that could hamper their chances of dropping points and possibly even lose pieces of silverware. So far, Barcelona has played 11 La Liga matches and not suffered a single loss with 10 victories and 1 draw, Valverde is hoping that his team can continue this impressive start of the season and continue being at the top of the Spanish League with as little unnecessary distractions as possible.

Any move to block Catalan clubs would be disastrous for the Primera Liga, which in recent years has always been a two-horse race between Barca and Real Madrid. Whilst the English Premier League’s top four clubs are so close that you need to keep a live tracker to work out who is the current favourite after each round of matches, the Spanish League ios pretty much decided between the two monster clubs, with Real Madrid taking the most recent title.