Barcelona attacking star Philippe Coutinho has praised the addition of three players to the squad. Speaking from the United States tour ahead of an interesting season ahead, Coutinho said he was impressed at the way the club completed its business in the summer transfer window.

“The expectations are always high when you start a new season. Three new players have arrived – two of them Brazilians.It’s clear they are all going to help us. The expectations are huge. We always want to win titles and I hope this happens while wearing these boots,” he said.

Valverde wants to keep his squad focused on football

Recently, Spain has politically undergone a string of changes and events that affect the entire nation as a whole and this also includes the football national side of the country as well, but ciach Valverde is hoping he can get his players to concentrate on their football, ather than the political turmoil taking place in Catalonia.

For the past few weeks, there has been a division and a number of things being done involving Catalonia wanting to establish an independent republic. With referenduums, political leades fleeing the country, and mass protests, it’s no wonder people don’t seem to be as switched on to the football as they would be normally! The crisis also potentially affects the Spanish national side – if Catalonia’s ultimate goal of being independent from Spain is achieved then this would rule out a number of players from playing for the Rioja, as well as the likes of Barcelona and Espanyol, who ae both based in Catalonia, and might find their space in the Primera Liga brought into question. Continue reading Valverde wants to keep his squad focused on football